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Gender based violence

Gender-based violence and especially men’s violence against women is at pandemic levels. But what are we doing about it? Passing laws can help, but is it the only answer or are there more urgent concerns to be addressed such as a substantial injection of funding for services, a comprehensive sex education programme across schools, colleges and workplaces and, perhaps most important in an Irish context, address our chronic housing crisis, one I believe has been created because of government policies. What about when the state is violent through policing, institutionalisation and the denial of bodily autonomy such as reproductive and trans rights? My latest project shines a light on the shortfalls of pursuing a law and order agenda arguing more policing can sometimes make things worse for some people especially those already discriminated against by racist, ablest, classist and heteronormative ideas. Remember most people never even report their assaults even when these are serious. Policing bodies is also not the answer. How did healthcare services get away with locking support people out of maternity settings? Why do such high levels of obstetric coercion and violence persist and why are trans people denied healthcare and forced to travel as so many thousands of women did under the eighth.

There are three parts to my project:


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