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Adult education / feminist pedagogy

Often education presents itself as benign and neutral. Think about how during the pandemic, schools were only ever framed as a site for good, and never as a domesticating institutions that are often cruel and discriminatory. Feminist pedagogy is different. At its best it is needs based and reflective of people’s lived experiences, recognises that each of us exist within a socio-cultural context that is shaped by inequality, is facilitative, group oriented, collective, and open to new things. This section links you to articles, projects, resources and broadcasts that talk in more detail about feminist pedagogy both in Irish and international contexts. The resources shared here are available for you to use and adapt as best you want.

Book review Community Work and Adult Education in Staveley

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Precarious professionality: graduate outcomes and experiences from an Initial Teacher (Further) Education programme in Ireland

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Participation in non-formal education and community education, Implications for civic and political capita

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Funding community education in Ireland: Making the case for a needs-based approach'.

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Working as a white adult educator, using our own life stories to explore asymmetries of power and privilege.

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Mapping out the research field of adult education and learning

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Precarious professionality: A review of the experiences and employment status of graduates of the Higher Diploma in Further Education at Maynooth University’s Department of Adult and Community Education (2013-2017).

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Rhetoric and Reality: The Irish experience of Quality Assurance'

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Adult education responses to the ‘othering’ of Muslim identity: Perspectives from Ireland'

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Education Outside the System (Part 1)

Dr. Camilla Fitzsimons on Community Education.

Worlds Apart? The disunity of FET policy directives and Community-based
Education for social change.

In: Murray, M., Grummell, B. and Ryan, A (eds). Further Education and Training, history politics and practice Kildare, Ireland: MACE pub. Fitzsimons, C. (2014).

Swimming in the Swamp, inquiry into accreditation, community development, and social change.

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